Bowls & Dishes


1Pc Healthy Dishes Plate Rice Bowl

€ 4,18

1Pc Six Sides Plate Matte Tableware Ceramics

€ 5,76

1Pc Stainless Steel Kids Bowl Double Layer Anti Heat Insulation

€ 5,23

300ml Double Ears Soup Cup Dessert Bowl

€ 6,03

3Pcs/1Set Stainless Steel Preservative Box Lid Sealed Fresh Ring Bowl Round Refrigerators Storage

€ 9,63

4Pcs/1Set Wheat Straw Teapot Seasoning Dish Set Tableware

€ 6,70

Black Scrub Vinegar Dish Barbecue Seasoning Saucer Tableware

€ 1,83

Candy Box Wheat Straw Fruit Platter Snacks Bowl Dried With Cover

€ 5,40

Candy Box With Cover Fruit Dish Sub-grid Storage Baskets

€ 7,18

Dish Tableware Barbecue Rectangular Pot Fat Sheep Buffet Stacked

€ 7,22

Fruit Salad Glass Cutter Bowl Transparent Large Tableware

€ 3,72

Multi Purpose Folding Tableware Box Fresh Bowl Portable

€ 3,97

Stainless Steel Covered Bowl Large Soup Rice Noodle Bowl

€ 10,89

Tableware Porcelain Imitation Lotus Leaf Tray

€ 6,17

Wheat Straw Gourd Shape Seasoning Dish Snacks Bowl

€ 2,82